Balancing work, life, and elevator swing arm

This week, Peter works a lot on the plane while Sasha works a lot at her job. Sasha also decided to take a break from California to go to Munich for work.

Tools used:

  • Cleco pliers
  • Milwaukee rivet gun
  • All the #priming equipment

So, unfortunately Peter’s job has a bit more balance towards “life” in “work-life” than Sasha’s, so he gets Veteran’s Day off while Sasha does not. Luckily, Peter shares the dream of seeing the Sling flying one day and spent the whole day working in the hangar by himself to PreKote/prime the majority of the elevator parts. I (Sasha) was able to join later in the week, and together we put together this beautiful swing arm assembly.


Heads up, the numbering of the rivets changes from page-to-page on the manual, and the rivet count isn’t very accurate. For example, the swing arm says to use 48 12 mm long, 3.2 mm rivets on the assembly, but we’re pretty sure you end up using 50 and the kit includes 50. We also used the wrong length of 3.2 mm rivets initially (cause those had been identified by the number 997 earlier in the manual), so drilled out a few rivets. 

And then Sasha got assigned to a project at work that will take her to Germany for the next month, but will continue to work remotely on the Sling. This blog post was actually written 4:00 AM CA time on the flight over to kill time and reset her clock.


Other remote work left to do - decide/design the IFR panel (backup steam gauges or backup batteries guys, which one????), order the VOR antenna/wiring, order the lights, design the paint scheme, etc. Meanwhile, Peter spent another full day working on the hangar, prepping aluminum parts and having a grand time. I’m quite jealous.

At any rate, gentle readers, Sasha would very much appreciate your feedback on what remote work you do to kill time. How do you progress on a build without having parts to put together in person? Alternatively, how do you deal with time away from your build? Leave a comment below!

Written on November 13, 2019
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