DIY upholstery

In our last post, we said we are planning to sew our own upholstery. In this blog post, we’ll share our progress towards the said goal.

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Closing right wing

Since the last post, we closed skins on the right wing, practiced carpentry, and got ourselves some craft beers from runway-side brewery in Auburn.

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Happy winter!

This week, we finally catch up to blogging and airplane building! We start closing the right wing! We meet new builders!

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July, July!

In this (now biweekly) blog post recounting Sasha’s and Peter’s struggles - Sasha and Peter have help from their magnificent friends yet again, the rudder and VS are finished, and some wing spars are counter-sunk!

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Hey June

This past couple of weeks - we moved into a new house! Sasha starts work at a new team! Cher (our cat) returns to her rightful family home! Finally, some airplane parts are built :)

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sasha passes

Hi this is Katya and I occasionally help the Sasha and Peter with plane stuff. However today was a very special day. She managed to pass the check ride with her examiner, The Lord decided to bless Sasha with guidance for a price.

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Sasha and Peter mounted Marker Griffon ski bindings :)

So, much like many other builders who have not quite gotten their Sling kit yet, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with hands-on projects. We went ahead and tried mounting Peter’s ski Marker Griffon bindings on his new skis (the ski shop guys wanted 50$ for it and we were like “nah we’re badass builders now thanks”). This was done largely on a whim starting on a random Tuesday evening.

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Sasha and Peter are building a Sling TSi!

Flying has been a long-standing dream of Sasha’s (and Peter’s, if we are being honest). As Sasha advances towards her private pilot’s license, we decided to get ourselves an airplane; but instead of buying it, we are going to build it!

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