Horizontal stabilizer: deburring

Time: 8 person-hrs. As a first step of working on the horizontal stabilizer, we went through and deburred all the parts.

For most of the parts in the horizontal stabilizer assembly, burrs were rather small, so a bit of scotch-briting was sufficient. When it was not, we used the swivel-type deburring tools to cut off the larger burrs:


Surprisingly, this took quite a bit of time (this was suprising to us because deburring is mentioned in the introduction manual, and yet was not mentioned in any of the blogs we read).

Eventually, the parts became smooth and pleasant to touch. sasha_cheeks

How many hours have you, gentle reader, spent deburring? Do you consider 8 hours for ~6 parts excessive? Are we being overly cautious with our burrs? Comment below!

Written on July 14, 2019
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